Nomenclature & Classification of Microorganisms

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What is the term used to describe a group in which the members are derived from more than one common ancestor?


Which technique is used for analyzing microbial taxonomy and phylogeny by fragment length variation?


What does RFLP stand for in the context of microbial taxonomy and phylogeny techniques?

Restriction Fragment Length Polymorphism

Which method involves the analysis of low molecular weight components for microbial taxonomy?


What is the term for the taxonomy method that combines multiple approaches like genotypic, phenotypic, and chemotaxonomic data?

Polyphasic Taxonomy

What is the main purpose of taxonomy?

Arranging organisms in a hierarchical system

Which scientist proposed the binomial nomenclature system?

Carolus Linnaeus

In taxonomy, what does the term 'clades' refer to?

Nested groups of organisms with a common ancestor

Which classification scheme introduced the concept of five kingdoms?

Five kingdom scheme

Who is credited with popularizing cladistics as a main approach to classification?

Willi Hennig

'Monophyletic' classification refers to groups where:

Members share a single common ancestor

Explore the principles of naming, grouping, and arranging organisms with a focus on taxonomy. Learn about binomial nomenclature, taxonomic hierarchy, and the rules governing nomenclature according to International Codes.

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