News Leads: Basic Summary and Delayed Identification

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Which type of news lead combines the most significant of the five W’s into one sentence?

Summary lead

What type of news lead withholds a significant piece of information, usually a person’s name, until the second paragraph?

Delayed identification lead

Which type of news lead would be used when a news story names recognizable public figures or celebrities in the lead?

Immediate identification lead

What type of news lead eases into the topic with an engaging or meaningful anecdote?

Anecdotal lead

In which type of news lead is the information spread over two short paragraphs to make it easier to digest?

Delayed identification lead

What type of lead begins by dropping you right into the action?

Narrative leads

Which type of lead teases readers by withholding a key piece of information, then revealing it later?

Blind leads

What is the main characteristic of scene-setter leads?

They lack the urgency of hard news leads

Which type of lead is a mini-story that points towards the bigger story being told?

Anecdotal leads

In what year did architect Mark Seder start skateboarding at the age of 49?

5 years ago

What are narrative leads compared to in the text?


What is the main purpose of scene-setter leads?

To transport the reader to another place

What is the main characteristic of blind leads?

They withhold key information

What is a typical news brief written using?

Inverted pyramid structure

Which type of lead has the urgency of hard news?

Anecdotal leads

What type of paragraph is helpful for feature stories but not necessary for every story?

Nut graf

What did the man demand when he entered the Key Bank branch?


How did the man leave the Key Bank branch after presenting the teller with a note?

Through the back door

What was the man's mode of transportation after leaving the bank?


How tall was the man described by the police?

5 feet 10 inches

What was the man last seen wearing?

Fisherman-type cap and jeans

What unusual feat did Ilker Yilmaz perform in Istanbul?

Poured milk into his hand, snorted it up his nose, and squirted it out of his left eye

What sponsored the event where Ilker Yilmaz performed the unusual feat?

Kay Sut, a Turkish milk company

According to 'THE PARTS OF A STORY: HOW TO ORGANIZE YOUR FACTS EFFECTIVELY', what should be done after adding a solid nut graf?

Review your notes and organize your material into sections

'ORGANIZING YOUR STORY: THE MOST COMMON SHAPES' advises writers to do what to avoid creating chaotic stories?

'Freestyle' newswriting

'Different Styles of Writing: Wall Street Journal Formula' emphasizes keeping paragraphs:

'Short and punchy'

Learn about basic news leads such as the summary lead and delayed identification lead used in news stories. Understand how the summary lead combines the most significant information into one sentence, while the delayed identification lead withholds a significant piece of information until the second paragraph.

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