Neurological Lesions and Cranial Nerves Quiz

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Which cranial nerve is responsible for the motor limb of the reflex described in the text?


In a 66-year-old male presenting with Nystagmus and intention tremor, what area of the brain is likely affected?


During lung dissection, which structure arches the Hilum of the Right lung?

Azygos vein

What would be a likely symptom of a lesion in the Pons?

Motor deficits

Which cranial nerve would be responsible for controlling eye movements if a lesion was located in the Midbrain?


According to the information provided, what is the expiry date of the unknown drug shown in Fig. 15?

30 June 2017

Based on the content, what does the IP in the image (Fig. 15) stand for?

Intellectual Property right of the CIPLA

From the information given, what is the likely shelf life of salbutamol in the preparation shown in Fig. 15?

Cannot be known from the information

In the context of the content, how many hours does it take before the Phosphorylated tyrosine Kinase activity is stimulated?

12 hours

Which structure appears on the asthalin strip in Fig. 15?


According to Fig. 14, till what date can the drug salbutamol be used on the asthalin strip shown?

31 July 2017

Test your knowledge on identifying neurological lesions and cranial nerves based on symptoms and reflexes in a clinical setting. Questions cover symptoms like Nystagmus and intention tremor, as well as reflexes related to cranial nerve functions.

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