Neolithic Culture in Mehergarh and Bronze Age

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What is a characteristic of Neolithic culture in Mehergarh?

Straight streets intersecting at right angles

Which material was commonly used in building houses during the Bronze Age?

Baked bricks and mortar

What was a key feature of the drainage system in these ancient cities?

Covered drains with gentle slopes

Why were burnt bricks preferred in construction during this time?

They are resistant to fire and durable

What is a notable feature of houses in these ancient cities?

Multiple rooms, courtyards, and wells

Which characteristic best describes the urban planning of these ancient cities?

Wide streets with rounded corners

What is a common feature of granaries in the Harappan civilization?

Granaries were used to store grains.

Which material was primarily used in building houses in Mohenjo-Daro?

Houses were made of burnt bricks.

What was the primary purpose of the Great Bath in the Harappan civilization?

It was used for bathing rituals and social gatherings.

Which statement accurately describes the drainage system in the Harappan civilization?

The drainage system was elaborate and well laid out.

What purpose did the docks built by the Harappans serve after careful study of tides, waves, and currents?

For facilitating trade and transportation with other regions.

Which characteristic is NOT associated with the layout of streets and brick sizes in Harappan towns?

Varied street patterns and brick sizes across towns.

What was the purpose of the soak pits in the Harappan houses?

To collect sediments and allow only water to flow into the street drain

Which ancient site had a granary with walls made of mud bricks in a good condition?


What material was used to make the Great Bath's tank water-tight?

Natural bitumen

How many pillars supported the roof of the Assembly Hall at Mohenjo-Daro?


What was the method used by Harappans to measure length?

Sticks with marks

Which aspect reflects the Great Bath being potentially the earliest example of a water-proof structure?

Use of natural bitumen for water-tightening

Explore the archaeological evidence of Neolithic culture in Mehergarh dating back to 7000 BCE, as well as the characteristics of the Bronze Age, including the use of bronze artifacts and street patterns.

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