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According to neoclassical management theories, what is the most critical element in a business organization?

Social and psychological factors

What was a common criticism of the classical management theory?

Lacking compassion toward people

What distinguishes neoclassical organization theories from classical theories?

Consideration of morale and desires of employees

In neoclassical theory, what plays a crucial role in determining productivity and employee satisfaction?

Social and psychological factors

What does neoclassical theory suggest that the management should develop apart from technical skills?

Social and leadership skills

Which factor did classical organization theories focus on, to the neglect of others according to neoclassical theories?

Job content and physical resources

According to the neoclassical theory of management, what is emphasized that was ignored earlier in the classical theory?

Individual differences and emotions

What key concept did Elton Mayo pioneer in the human relations movement?

Increase in productivity and satisfaction levels

Which element of the neoclassical theory emphasizes workers' participation in planning job contents and operations?

Participative Management

What was the focus of the behavioural movement in the neoclassical theory of management?

Individual behavior of employees

What is the primary concern of the human relations movement in the neoclassical theory?

Improvement of working conditions and social relations

Who are the main contributors to the human relations approach in the neoclassical theory?

Elton Mayo and Mary Parker Follett

What are the main sources of neoclassical theory mentioned in the text?

The human relations movement and behavioural movement

'Hawthorne Experiments' conducted at Illinois plant of Western Electric Company contributed to which approach in management?

Behavioural movement

What is the most significant aspect emphasized by Elton Mayo's contributions to human relations approach?

Increasing productivity and satisfaction levels

Test your knowledge of the general overviews of Neo-Classical Management Theories, which focused on addressing the lack of compassion towards people in classical management theories. Explore the evolution of management focus from job content and physical resources to a more humane approach.

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