Negative Impact of Poorly Designed Performance Management Systems

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What is the main advantage that cannot be easily copied by competitors?

Highly motivated employees

What is the key HR strategy mentioned in the text?

Performance management

What is the definition of performance management as per Aguinis (2013)?

A continuous process of identifying, measuring, and developing performance

Which of the following is NOT a component of performance management mentioned in the text?

Giving ongoing feedback only

What distinguishes performance management from performance appraisal?

Continuous process vs. one-time evaluation

Why is performance management considered a business strategy in the text?

To attain and sustain competitive advantage through human resources

What is an essential step before starting the company performance management system case study activity?

Selecting a company to study

Which of the following is NOT mentioned as part of Google's performance management system tools and processes?

Quarterly performance check-in

What term is used to refer to employees at Google?


How many rating levels are present in Google's performance review scale?


What is emphasized as important in completing the company performance management system activity?


Which founders are mentioned in the text as the creators of Google?

Larry Page and Sergey Brin

What is one of the advantages associated with the implementation of performance management according to the text?

Increase in motivation to perform

Which of the following is NOT mentioned as an advantage of implementing performance management?

Improvement in work-life balance

What serves the purpose of establishing a shared understanding about what is to be achieved and how it is to be achieved?

Explicit link between an employee’s performance objectives and the organizational goals

How does receiving feedback about one’s performance impact motivation according to the text?

Increases motivation for future performance

What is one of the key elements that differentiate a true performance management system from others according to the text?

Goal setting and alignment with organizational goals

How is an employee's self-esteem affected by receiving feedback about their performance?

Increases self-esteem

Why may motivation be lowered according to the text?

Feeling that superior performance is not rewarded

What is a consequence of a deficient performance management system?

Damaged relationships

Why might employees feel increased levels of job burnout and dissatisfaction?

Overwhelming workload

What may be a consequence of expensive lawsuits filed due to unfair appraisals?

Increased risk of litigation

Why might managers choose to avoid poorly implemented systems?

To save time and resources

What is the main motivation behind Google's performance management system?

To help employees grow and contribute to the company's success

What is a potential outcome when employees feel increased levels of overload?

Resistance to the system

How often are employees asked for feedback in Google's performance management system?

Twice a year

What do managers do after the peer review cycle in Google's performance management system?

Meet to review peer feedback results

How are managers expected to justify their decisions in Google's performance management system?

By avoiding bias

What prompted Google to evolve its performance management system?

Irrelevant results of annual reviews

What was the issue with Google's previous method of performance evaluation before the implementation of the new system?

"Too late" feedback for employees

Explore the negative consequences of poorly designed and implemented performance management systems. Learn how it can lead to wasted resources, damaged relationships, and decreased motivation to perform.

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