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What type of study material is being promoted in the text?

Chemistry and Physics textbooks

Where can one find the daily chapterwise PDFs mentioned in the text?

On the Telegram channel provided in the text

What is the purpose of the Telegram channel mentioned in the text?

To offer daily chapterwise PDFs of NCERT Punch new edition of Chemistry and Physics

Which subjects are specifically highlighted in the promoted PDFs?

Chemistry and Physics

What action is encouraged by clicking on the provided link?

Joining a Telegram channel for NCERT Punch books

In an equilateral triangle, where should a charge Q be placed for the electrostatic potential energy of the system to be zero?

At the centroid of the triangle

If two charged spheres have equal surface charge density and radii R, what will be the ratio of their electric potentials?


Given that the electric potential function is $V = 8x^3$, what is the electric field at the point (0, -3, 1) in meters?

6 Vm$^{-1}$

If 20 J of work is required to move a 4 C charge from a point with 10 V potential to another point, what is the potential at the final point?

2 V

What is the electric potential at the center of a charged hollow metal sphere?


What is the electric potential at the common center of two concentric spheres with radii R and r, equal surface charge density, and kept in air?


What is the intensity of the electric field at point (-2, 1, 0) due to a point charge given by $\dot{V}=3x^{2}+5$?

-12 $Vm^{-1}$

What is the work done in carrying an electric charge $Q_{1}$ once round a circle of radius R with a charge Q at the center of the circle?


What is the kinetic energy of an electron accelerated in a potential difference of 100V?


In the scenario of a small conducting sphere inside a bigger hollow conducting sphere charged with Q and q, what is the potential difference between the spheres?

$\frac{1}{4\pi c_{o}}(\frac{q}{r}-\frac{Q}{R})$

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