Nature and Purposes of Planning

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What are documents that outline how goals are going to be met and usually include resource allocations, schedules, and other necessary actions to accomplish the goals?


Which type of goals are related to the performance of the firm relative to factors in its external environment, such as competitors?

Strategic goals

What factor can reduce the impact of planning on performance, according to the text?

Formal planning time frame

What is required before planning begins to affect performance?

At least four years of formal planning

What is the primary purpose of planning in an organization?

To establish strategies for achieving goals

What is formal planning in an organization characterized by?

Specific goals covering a specific time period

What does planning help to minimize in an organization?

Uncertainty and waste

What is formal planning associated with in an organization?

Positive financial results

In the traditional approach to planning, who is primarily responsible for the planning process?

Top-level managers

What is the role of a formal planning department in the traditional approach to planning?

To write organizational plans

How should managers develop plans in uncertain environments according to the text?

Specific, but flexible

What is the purpose of environmental scanning according to the text?

Screening information to detect emerging trends

This quiz covers the nature and purposes of planning, types of organizational goals, plans used by organizations, approaches to goal-setting and planning, and personal goal setting techniques. It also includes discussion on contemporary issues in planning work activities.

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