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What is the main component of the earth's lithosphere according to the text?


Why are only a few metals found in the free state in nature?

They react rapidly with air and water

What are impurities of sand and soil in an ore referred to as?


Why is it more economical to obtain metals from ores rather than from the free state?

Metals from ores are purer

Which term is used for minerals that contain a high proportion of metal?


What is the primary process by which minerals are formed according to the text?

Environmental processes

What is the main reason why all minerals are not considered ores?

Presence of impurities

'Metal mineral' and 'non-metal mineral' refer to minerals based on their content of what?

'Chemical composition'

'Gangue' is a term used for the impurities of what substances in an ore according to the text?

'Sand and soil'

Test your knowledge on natural resources, including their definition, examples, and types such as soil, stones, minerals, air, water, plants, and animals. Explore concepts related to the lithosphere, minerals, ores, metal minerals, and non-metal minerals. Understand the process of mining metals from their ores and the purification techniques involved.

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