Non-Renewable Resources and Minerals

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What is the characteristic of non-renewable resources?

They cannot be created or produced once the original stores are depleted

Which of the following is an example of a renewable source of energy?

Solar Energy

What is the term used to describe a natural occurrence of a useful material?

Mineral deposits

What is the process of extracting minerals from the Earth's surface or seas?


What determines the presence of minerals in a particular area?

The geological and meteorological history of the area

Why are minerals important in the production of products required by humans?

Because they have a definite chemical composition and distinct physical properties

What is the main reason behind the high cost of fossil fuels?

The difficulty in extracting fossil fuels

What is the prediction made by M. King Hubbert in 1956?

The world will reach peak oil

What is the main impact of the unsustainable use of fossil fuels?

A great impact on our lives

What is the factor that will limit the supply and cost of oil products?

The cost of extraction

What is the primary reason for the depletion of fish stock in the Philippines?


What is the primary indicator of undernutrition in children under the age of five?

Child wasting

What is the trend that is observed in the transportation sector?

A shift towards electric vehicles

What is the current state of the oil industry?

The oil industry is transitioning to unconventional production

What is the term used to describe the share of the population that is undernourished?


What is the Global Hunger Index (GHI) used to measure?

Hunger rates

What is the primary factor contributing to hunger?


What is the significance of food security?

It is of fundamental importance for human existence

What is the current percentage of original forest cover in the Philippines?

Less than 3%

What is the main reason for the inadequate protection of protected forests in the Philippines?

Lack of funds and political will

What is the estimated annual rate of deforestation in the Philippines during the 1980s?

Around 150,000 hectares per year

What is the current percentage of closed forest cover in the Philippines?

Around 18.3%

What is the main purpose of the fuelwood harvested in the Philippines?

For energy consumption

What is the current trend of apparent roundwood consumption in the Philippines?

It has been decreasing gradually

What is the primary goal of the National Greening Program launched by the government in 2012?

To plant a million hectare trees by 2016

What percentage of the animal protein consumed worldwide is represented by fish?


What is the term used to describe the monetary value or cost of benefits of forest ecosystems?

Value of ecosystem services

What is the primary reason for the threat of depleting supply of fish and other resources from waters?


What is the ranking of the Philippines in terms of marine-water area?

The second largest archipelago

What is the contribution of fishers to the economy of the Philippines?

Important contribution to sustainable incomes and employment opportunities

Test your knowledge about non-renewable resources, minerals, and renewable energy sources. Learn about the characteristics of finite resources, their depletion, and sustainable alternatives. Explore the world of minerals, fossil fuels, and green energy.

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