Natural Resource Exploitation and Environmental Collapse

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______ resources present in our environment can be exploited to provide needed goods and services that humans need to survive and derive welfare and a good life. However, if use of ______ resources is not properly managed, the ______ environment will soon reach its full carrying capacity and collapse. When this collapse occurs, the ______ processes that help the ______ environment continue to replenish itself and provide us with goods and serves will be disrupted. For example, without proper management, crude oil pollution can damage a beautiful beach stopping tourists from visiting for leisure. A heavy mercury spill that’s not cleaned up will percolate and accumulate in our groundwater aquifer, and picked by humans when we drink borehole water. Mangrove hardwood over-exploitation for fish-smoking will be depleted preventing the trees from stopping high sea waves and tropical cyclones. This can lead to coastal floods and damage to buildings. Additionally, local temperatures will increase because the carbon dioxide captured by the mangrove trees will remain in the air causing local warming of the atmosphere. Environmental management comes in to manage how we interact with our environment and the resources therein so that we continue to enjoy the benefits they provide. Definition of Environmental Management The field of environmental management is very broad: covering many different domains and aspects.


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Importance of Environmental Management

  • Natural resources in our environment provide goods and services necessary for human survival and well-being.
  • Improper management of natural resources can lead to environmental collapse, disrupting natural processes that replenish the environment.

Consequences of Mismanagement

  • Crude oil pollution can damage beaches, deterring tourists and affecting local economies.
  • Uncontained mercury spills can contaminate groundwater, posing health risks to humans who consume borehole water.
  • Over-exploitation of mangrove hardwood for fish-smoking can deplete the trees, leading to:
    • Coastal floods and damage to buildings due to lack of natural barriers.
    • Increased local temperatures as carbon dioxide remains in the atmosphere, contributing to global warming.

Definition and Scope of Environmental Management

  • Environmental management is a broad field that encompasses various domains and aspects, aiming to manage human interactions with the environment and its resources.
  • Effective environmental management ensures continued access to the benefits provided by natural resources.

Learn about the impact of exploiting natural resources and the potential for environmental collapse due to improper management. Understand the importance of sustainable resource use and environmental conservation.

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