Napoleonic Wars and the Holy Roman Empire

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What event led to the legal control of Northern Italy being given to France?

How did the conscription law under the Directory of 1798 impact military service in France?

What did the Peace of Amiens (1802) give Britain control of?

What was the special elite force called that Napoleon had?

What event led to the end of the Holy Roman Empire?

What was Napoleon's greatest triumph?

Which event caused the Holy Roman Empire to be eradicated?

What did Napoleon's conquests do to the borders of Europe?

What did the disruption in Spain due to Napoleon's invasion stimulate?

What was Napoleon's attempt to create through subjugation of all of Europe?


Test your knowledge of the events leading to the end of the Holy Roman Empire and the Napoleonic Wars. Learn about the alliances, treaties, and territorial changes that shaped Europe in the late 18th and early 19th centuries.

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