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At the end of periodical examination, Teacher R administered a summative test in Filipino. After scoring the test papers she assigned grades to each test score such as 95, 90, 85, 80 etc. What process did Teacher R use?

It is the study of man’s pre­history through the buried remains of ancient culture, skeletal remnants of human beings.

Teacher D claims: "If I have to give reinforcement, it has to be given immediately after the response." Which theory supports Teacher D?

Visual imagery helps people store information in their memory more effectively. Which is one teaching implication of this principle?

Which is essential in the cognitive development of a person according to Vygotsky?

The design of the 2002 Basic Education Curriculum (BEC) is based on the principles that the main sources for contemporary basic education are the expert systems of knowledge and the learner's experience in their context. This shows that the BEC is _____ in orientation.

I. constructivist

II. behaviorist

III. essentialist

Which assessment tool shows evidence of student’s writing skills?

Ask to do a learning task, Joe hesitates and says "Mahirap. Ayaw ko. 'Di ko kaya!" (It's difficult. I don't like it. I can't do it.) To which problem does the case of the student allude?

I. Unmotivated students

II. Uncaring teachers

III. Extremely difficult learning tasks

IV. incompetent teachers

Teacher S wants to determine immediately the learning difficulties of her students. Which of the following do you expect her to undertake?

NSAT and NEAT results are interpreted against set mastery level. This means that NSAT and NEAT fall under __________.


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