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What did the narrator reveal as the third extraordinary thing about the story?

The fact that he made it up half an hour ago

Who was recalled by Spanton to discuss the third extraordinary thing before leaving?


What was the initial reaction of the group when the narrator revealed he had made up the story recently?


What did Rudson-Wayte bring to the group that caused excitement and debate?

A snake

How did the group react after the narrator revealed he made up the story about half an hour ago?

They searched for Rudson-Wayte

What was the setting for the tingling experience mentioned in the text?

Dabney's house

Who brought the little man with an anxious white face to the gathering?


What is emphasized about truth compared to fiction in the text?

Truth is more interesting than fiction

Where did the occurrence that the little man wanted to share happen?

Great Ormond Street

What unusual shape was formed on the bedroom wall of the old house?

A human face

What did the little man's occurrence involve?

An unusual shape on a wall

What did the narrator come to think of as real in the text?

The roommate

What dominated the narrator's thoughts day and night?

The face of a man

Where did the narrator frequently go to search for the man resembling the face in the text?

Railway stations

What made people think the narrator was crazy in the text?

His constant search for a man

What did the police begin to suspect the narrator of in the text?

Suspicious behavior

What did the narrator finally see after his intense search?

The man resembling the face

What was the headline seen in the early editions of the newspapers?

American Millionaire's Motor Accident

Where did the motor accident involving Mr. Ormond Wall happen?

From Spezzia to Pisa

What was the condition of Mr. Wall after the motor accident?


Where did the narrator read the news about the motor accident?

Outram Lines, Delhi

What was the mysterious association mentioned in the stranger's story?

Association between a face on a wall and an American gentleman

What is one of the most remarkable things about the stranger's story according to the text?

The intimate association with a gentleman in America

What made the narrator feel alarmed when he woke up one morning?

The faint visibility of a face on the wall

Where did the narrator find himself after reading the card?


What did the narrator do to try to find out more about Mr. Ormond Wall?

Wrote to American editors

What did the narrator hold and read in a deserted corner of the ship?

A card

Where did the narrator find himself just a month ago?

In Boulogne

Why did the other people present wait and look at the little pale man?

He was telling an interesting story

Study Notes

The Story of the Face on the Wall

  • The narrator KD shares a story about supernatural manifestations and reveals that he made up the story half an hour ago.

The Story of the Little Pale Man

  • The little pale man shares a story about a personal experience that happened to him, which is more interesting and stranger than fiction.
  • He lived in a room in Great Ormond Street, where the bedroom walls had a distempered patch that looked like a human face.
  • The face remained the same despite the changing contours of the other patches on the wall.

The Face's Grip on the Little Pale Man

  • The little pale man became obsessed with the face, thinking it was real and remarkable, and felt a connection to the person it belonged to.
  • He searched for the man everywhere, neglecting his daily life and duties.

The Encounter

  • The little pale man finally saw the person he had been searching for, Mr. Ormond Wall, and felt an intense connection.
  • He found Mr. Wall's address in Pittsburg, U.S.A. and became even more obsessed.

The Mystery Unfolds

  • The little pale man discovered that Mr. Wall was a millionaire with English parents who had lived in London, but couldn't find out where exactly.
  • The face on the wall began to fade, and the little pale man read in the newspaper that Mr. Wall had been in a motor accident.
  • The face disappeared completely at the same moment Mr. Wall succumbed to his injuries.


  • The little pale man finds three extraordinary things about his story: the face on the wall was intimately connected to Mr. Wall's existence, the gentleman's name was related to the spot where his features were reproduced, and the mysterious agency that created the connection.

Test your comprehension skills by analyzing an excerpt from a mystery novel. The passage describes a character's encounter with a mysterious card and its consequences. See if you can unravel the clues hidden within the text.

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