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What was the first premonition of danger that Iris Carr had?

The day before the disaster

How did Iris Carr refer to the people around her?

Her friends

What illusion did the constant presence of people around Iris create?

The illusion that she moved in a large circle

What prompted the reproduction of Iris Carr's portrait in the pictorial papers?

The announcement of her engagement

How was Iris feeling when she experienced her first threat of insecurity?

Especially well and happy after an unconventional health-holiday

What measures does K. take to encounter Fraulein Burstner?

He sends her a letter offering to make amends for his behavior and to follow any dictates she might provide for further interaction between them. He also waits in his room on Sunday for some sign from her.

Who moves into Fraulein Burstner's room on Sunday?

Fraulein Montag

Who acts as an intermediary to inform K. of Fraulein Burstner's opinion?

Fraulein Montag

How does K. sense that the Captain and Fraulein Montag are behaving towards Fraulein Burstner?

He senses that they are both exaggerating Fraulein Burstner's importance to him and trying to impede his conquest of the girl.

What is the result of K.'s attempt to speak with Fraulein Burstner?

His letter is not answered and he is informed that the interview he requested will not take place.

Test your knowledge of characters from mystery novels with this quiz. Answer questions about the protagonist Iris Carr and her premonition of danger to see how well you know this thrilling story.

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