Musculoskeletal System and Types of Muscles

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What is the function of troponin T?

Binds to tropomyosin

Which type of muscle contains troponin?

Skeletal muscle

What is the function of troponin I?

Inhibits F-actin-myosin interaction

From where is the calcium derived for smooth muscle contraction?

Outside the cell

What is the role of troponin C in muscle contraction?

Binds calcium for regulation

What do osteoblasts secrete during bone formation?

Collagen components of non-mineralized bone

Where are involuntary muscles mainly found?

In the internal organs

Which type of muscle is sometimes called skeletal muscle?

Voluntary muscle

What is the main function of the Musculoskeletal System?

Movement, stability, shape, and support

What is responsible for force generation in muscle contraction?

Myosin thick filament

What is the distribution of different types of muscle tissue in the body?

Skeletal muscle - 40%, Smooth and cardiac muscle -10%

What substance in muscle increases with age and use?


What makes up a muscle fiber?

A group of fibrils

Where is cardiac muscle found?

In the heart

What is contained in an elastic sheath of its own called the sarcolemma?

Muscle fiber

Test your knowledge about the musculoskeletal system and the different types of muscles in the human body. Explore the functions and characteristics of involuntary muscles, non-striated muscles, and the role of muscle tissue in bodily movement.

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