Muscle Contraction and Bone Anatomy Quiz

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What is a maximal sustained muscle contraction called?


Which bone in the body does not articulate with another bone?

Hyoid bone

What condition, common in older women, causes bones to become weak and thin?


Which of the following regions of vertebrae is in the correct order from anterior to posterior?

Cervical → thoracic → lumbar → sacrum → coccyx

What attaches muscle to bone?


Which type of bone tissue has lacunae, concentric circles around a central canal, and is found in the middle portion of a long bone?

Compact bone

Which cells begin as stem cells in the red bone marrow and specialize to break down bone and release calcium into the blood?


Which bone is found in the pelvic girdle?


Which of the following bones is NOT part of the axial skeleton?


What is the thin line at letter 'c' in Figure 19.2 representing?

Actin filament

Which of the following is NOT a correct association of facial bones?


Test your knowledge on muscle contraction and bone anatomy with this quiz. Questions cover topics such as muscle contractions, bone articulations, and common bone conditions like osteoporosis. Challenge yourself with questions on vertebral regions as well.

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