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What is the purpose of the numeric keypad on a keyboard?

Which key is used to switch between the two modes of the numeric keypad?

What is the function of the Enter key on a keyboard?

In modern GUI-based operating systems, which devices are commonly used as pointing devices?

Which key is used to exit or escape from programs?

What is the main purpose of dual mode operation on a numeric keypad?

Where does the index finger go while holding the mouse?

What is the primary function of a mouse pointer?

How should one hold the mouse according to the information provided?

What changes when moving the pointer over text on a web page?

What is the primary function of the left mouse button?

Which part of a mouse can be used for selecting actions from screen icons?

How is a Double click typically used with a mouse?

What happens when you press a mouse button lightly and release it immediately?

Which action is associated with the right mouse button?

What is the purpose of Drag and drop with a mouse?

How is the middle mouse button commonly utilized?

What is a common function of the tracking ball in some types of mice?


Test your knowledge on mouse operations and functionalities. Learn about the different mechanical operations used by various types of mice, from tracking balls to light beams. Explore the common features of traditional mice, such as buttons and tracking mechanisms.

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