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Which type of motivational need is postulated to be possessed by only a few individuals?


What is considered a value defining performance direction in the context of leadership and motivation?


What differentiates a Leader from a Manager as highlighted in the text?

Extent of staff loyalty and trust

Which trait is NOW specifically identified as a desirable one in the modern workplace?

Leadership potentials

In the context of self-awareness, which theory is attributed to Jean Piaget and focuses on the assumption that a child's thinking changes at specific developmental stages?

Developmental Theory

Which area of self-awareness, as mentioned in the text, helps individuals gain insight into various aspects of their lives, including competency areas for holistic personal development?

Knowledge and beliefs

Based on the text, what is NOT highlighted as a key desirable trait in the modern workplace's shift towards skills development?

Analytical skills

What is the likely long-term effect of using fear as a motivator?

It is likely to diminish motivation over time

How does the text suggest a leader can effectively motivate individuals based on their strengths?

By keeping an eye on their strengths

What does self-determination, as described in the text, lead to?

A sense of freedom

Test your knowledge on motivational needs and leadership theories, including Acquired Needs by David McClelland. Explore different types of motivational needs such as Achievement, Authority, and Affiliation, and understand how they influence leadership styles. This quiz covers topics related to management, leadership, and motivation.

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