Morals, Ethics, and Law Definitions

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What was the WMA's first task?

To update the Hippocratic Oath for 20th century use.

When was the International Code of Medical Ethics adopted by the WMA?

At the 3rd General Assembly in 1949.

What was the outcome of the WMA's task to develop ethical guidelines for research on human subjects?

The Declaration of Helsinki in 1964.

What is the branch of ethics that deals with moral issues in medical practice?

Medical ethics

What does the principle of non-maleficence in medical ethics entail?

Do no harm

When was the Code of conduct in medical practice developed by the WMA?

It is a living document, periodically updated.

What principle in medical ethics refers to the patient's right to refuse or choose?


Which principle in medical ethics emphasizes that the practitioner should act in the best interest of the patient?


What is the purpose of the Declaration of Geneva adopted by the WMA?

To update the Hippocratic Oath for 20th century use.

According to medical ethics, what is the principle that ensures every person is treated equally without discrimination?


This quiz explores the definitions of morals, ethics, and law. It covers the distinctions between moral principles, ethical rules, and legal regulations.

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