Modern Kazakh Literature

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Who is considered the founder of the new Kazakh realistic literature?

Abai Kunanbayev

Which Kazakh writer is known as an outstanding educator and folklorist?

Ybrai Altynsarin

In which region was Abai Kunanbayev born?

Semipalatinsk region

Which of the following is NOT attributed to Ybrai Altynsarin?

Translations of L.N.Tolstoy

What is the literal translation of Abai Kunanbayev's poem 'Kara Soz'?

'Black Word'

Which writer is known for making translations of L.N.Tolstoy and I.Krylov?

Ybrai Altynsarin

Who wrote the literary works 'The Way of Abay' and 'Shoulder to the Shoulder'?

Mukhtar Auezov

Which writer was known for being accused of nationalism and imprisoned in 1929?

Magzhan Zhumabaev

Who is recognized as a classic of Kazakh literature and worked on a trilogy about Chokane Valikhanov?

Sabit Mukanov

Which writer was born in the Semey and was the first doctor of philology in Kazakhstan?

Mukhtar Auezov

Which writer was a chairman of the Union of Writers of Kazakhstan and had works translated into many languages?

Sabit Mukanov

Who was known for organizing the movement 'Nevada-Semey' that resulted in a moratorium on explosions?

Olzhas Suleimenov

Test your knowledge about the beginning of modern Kazakh literature in the early 20th century, the formation of the modern Kazakh language, the emergence of new stylistic forms, and the development of new genres by Kazakh writers like Abai Kunanbayev.

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