Modern Dance History and Pioneers

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Who is known as the 'Mother of Modern Dance'?

Which pioneer of modern dance is associated with introducing eastern ideas into the art?

Who developed a form of natural movement and improvisation techniques used with revolutionary lighting equipment and translucent silk costumes?

Which pioneer of modern dance is known as the 'Mother of Contemporary Dance'?

Who is most famous for stating that ballet was 'ugly and against nature'?

Who was one of the first notable male pioneers of American modern dance?

In which type of dance is the most important element to typically depict a story or emotion?

What does alignment in dance refer to?

Which dance move involves a full turn on one leg and may include the other leg being bent?

What is a characteristic unique to hip-hop dance battles?

Which type of dance is a hybrid of ballet and modern dance?

What is the word 'lunge' primarily associated with in the context of dance?

What does an abstract dance primarily focus on?

'Mirroring' in the context of dance refers to:

'Beat' in the choreographic and musical language is primarily used to measure:

'Contraction' in dance primarily refers to the forward curving of:


Explore the history of modern dance and the pioneers who shaped this art form. Learn about the evolution of modern dance and its emergence as a rejection of classical ballet. Discover the key periods or eras in modern dance, including Early Modern, Central Modern, and Late Modern period.

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