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What is the main focus of modern dance movement style?

The dancer's own interpretations

Which dance styles are considered types of modern dance?

Hip hop, lyrical, freestyle, and fusion

What is the primary characteristic of contemporary dance?

Incorporates elements of different dance styles

How is modern dance in the Philippines often described?

A free, expressive style of dancing

What distinguishes modern dance from traditional ballet?

Focuses on the dancer's interpretations

Study Notes

Modern Dance Movement Style

  • The main focus of modern dance is on emotional expression and storytelling through movement.

Types of Modern Dance

  • Modern dance encompasses various styles, including:
    • Graham technique
    • Horton technique
    • Cunningham technique
    • Limón technique
    • Release technique

Contemporary Dance

  • The primary characteristic of contemporary dance is its fusion of modern, jazz, and ballet techniques.

Modern Dance in the Philippines

  • Modern dance in the Philippines is often described as a fusion of traditional and contemporary styles, influenced by the country's cultural heritage.

Modern Dance vs Traditional Ballet

  • Modern dance distinguishes itself from traditional ballet by emphasizing:
    • Expressive movement and emotional expression
    • Weight transfer and floorwork
    • Release and relaxation of the body
    • Non-traditional movements and techniques

Test your knowledge of modern and contemporary dance with this quiz. From the origins of modern dance to its key features and influential figures, challenge yourself with questions about this expressive art form.

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