Middle-Aged Adulthood Characteristics

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What is the term for teaching older persons?


Which type of intelligence is absorbed over a lifetime?

Crystallized intelligence

What kind of intelligence declines as degenerative changes occur?

Fluid intelligence

What is the major psychosocial developmental task in older adulthood according to Erikson?

Ego integrity versus despair

What physiological changes occur in the brain as people age?

Decrease in neurons

Why is gerogogy important for effective teaching of older people?

It accommodates normal cognitive changes

Which stage of adulthood is characterized by Erikson as generativity versus self-absorption and stagnation?

Middle-aged adulthood

What type of thinking is defined as the ability to search for complex and changing understandings to find a variety of solutions to any given situation?

Divergent thinking

What is NOT a common characteristic of middle-aged adults?

Young children at home

What term describes prejudice against the older adult?


What realization often occurs during midlife for many adults?

They question their level of achievement and success

What does middle age provide individuals the opportunity to do?

Reflect on their contributions and achievements

Explore the characteristics and experiences of individuals in middle adulthood, including career accomplishments, self-development, mentorship roles, and personal reflections. This stage offers opportunities for individuals to assess their contributions, celebrate achievements, and realign goals and values.

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