Microsoft Project 2013 Section 7: Plan Management

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What does the Project summary task show in Microsoft Project 2013?

Plan's specific duration

Which feature in Project lets you see the plan’s start and finish dates at either end of the timeline?


What key indicators of a plan can be seen using the Project summary task in Microsoft Project 2013?

Plan's start and finish dates

What is the purpose of tracking a plan as scheduled through a specific date in Microsoft Project 2013?

To compare planned vs. actual progress

Which feature in Microsoft Project 2013 allows you to enter a task’s completion percentage?

Tracking Gantt view

What is the purpose of tracking actuals in project management?

To ensure that the project is on schedule and within budget

What types of details are often referred to as actuals in project management?

Details about who did what work, when the work was done, and at what cost

What is the purpose of saving a baseline of a project plan?

To track progress and compare it with the original plan

What does the Resource Stats chart in the Resource Overview report contain?

Remaining work values for each resource

What is the ultimate roll-up point for all cost values in a project plan?

Project summary task

Test your knowledge of managing plans in Microsoft Project 2013, including checking plan's duration, cost, and work, tracking progress, saving baselines, and entering task completion percentages and actual values.

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