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What function was selected to find the sum of the 'Tuition_Fee' field?


Where is the Search box located in Access?

Bottom of the Access window

What is the purpose of the Navigation Pane in Access?

To navigate through database objects

What is the function of the Format Painter in Access?

To copy formatting to other data

What is the purpose of the 'Sort & Filter' option in Access?

To sort data in ascending or descending order

How can you make searching for specific data easier in a datasheet in Access?

By using the 'Filter' function

What should you click on in the Navigation Pane to open a table in Datasheet View in MS Access?

Desired table

Where does the new row named 'Total' appear when you click on the Totals option?

Next to the last record

What function allows you to highlight a corresponding value in the first record that matches your search in MS Access?


In which view do you learn how to insert and delete a field in MS Access?

Design view

What is displayed when you click on the Totals option in MS Access?

'Total' row

After entering 'Kabir' in the Search box, what does MS Access highlight in the first record?

'Student Name'

Test your knowledge of the Microsoft Excel Navigation Pane with this quiz. Questions cover functions like Home, Paste, Record, Sort, and Filter among others.

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