Microprocessor-based Systems Terminology

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What is the main function of registers in a microprocessor?

Store data that is going to be used

Which component of a CPU points to the address of the next instruction to be executed?

Program counter

What is the main function of an instruction decoder in a CPU?

Interpret the instruction fetched into the CPU

Which component of a CPU performs arithmetic functions like add, subtract, and divide?


What is the primary purpose of RAM in computer memory?

Store data that is going to be used

In general, what effect do more and bigger registers have on a CPU?

Increase the cost of the CPU

What is the main function of a microprocessor?

To act as a computer processor on a microchip

Which term refers to a complete microprocessor-based control system built onto a single chip?


What is the main difference between MPU and CPU?

MPU is a MicroProcessor Unit while CPU is a Central Processing Unit

What is the IBM 'Blue Gene' supercomputer designed with?

A million processors

Which type of system does not necessarily have to do with computing?

Microprocessor-based system

'Microcomputer' is the term specifically used for which type of systems?

Single chip microcomputers

What are the two digits that microprocessors and other digital circuits use?

0 and 1

How many bits make up a nibble?

4 bits

Which term represents 32 bits or 4 bytes?

Double Word

How many bytes make up a kilobyte (KB)?

1024 bytes

What is the main advantage of using hexadecimal in communication with microprocessors?

Compact representation of data

Which type of Automation is known for its ease of troubleshooting and low power consumption in the context of microprocessors?

MPU based

Explore the terminology related to microprocessor-based systems, including their applications beyond computing. Learn about microcomputer systems and their use in various devices like garage door opening systems.

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