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Which microorganism is known for producing alkaline protease in response to nutrient limitation?

Bacillus licheniformis

Which microbial product is used as a cholesterol-lowering agent?


In the context of biotechnology, which process involves genetically modifying bacteria to produce therapeutic proteins like insulin?

Recombinant Vaccines

Which of the following fields benefit from microbiology's impact in studying pathogens and infectious diseases?

Food safety and public health

In which of the following areas does microbiology play an important role in preventing spoilage?

Food preservation

How does microbiology contribute to the study of water and sewage treatment processes?

By analyzing the microbial communities for effective treatment methods

Which of the following benefits from microbiology's impact on studying pathogens and infectious diseases?

Medical treatments and drug development

What is the term used to define the deterioration of a product by a contaminating microbe?

Microbial spoilage

In practical microbiology, what type of media allows for the identification of unknown microbes?

Specialist media

What is the primary purpose of molecular microbiology as mentioned in the text?

Investigate gene expression and protein profiles

Which area of microbiology is concerned with the fermentation processes in the production of food and beverages?

Industrial microbiology

What is the main function of alkaline proteases in laundry detergents?

Digest protein-based stains

Which microorganism is known for producing Botulinum toxin, a neurotoxin?

Escherichia coli (Bacteria)

In pharmaceutical microbiology, which product can be used as a natural antimicrobial?


Which of the following is NOT considered a microorganism?


In the context of microbiology, which term best describes the study of communities of microbes?

Microbial Ecology

Which field benefits significantly from the impact of microbiology in the study of pathogens and infectious diseases?


Which type of microorganism is extensively studied in pharmaceutical microbiology due to its relevance in drug development?


What is the primary focus of microbial spoilage in pharmaceutical products?

Causing economic loss

How are microbes utilized in practical microbiology for identifying unknown species?

By using enriched growth media

Which process characterizes molecular microbiology's extraction of genetic components from microbes?

Whole genome sequencing

What distinguishes the application of microbial spoilage in pharmaceutical products from other industries?

Spoilage affecting product quality

What is the primary role of alkaline proteases in the context of enzyme biotechnology?

Digesting protein-based stains in laundry detergents

In the field of recombinant medicinal products, what was the significance of Insulin (humulin) as a therapeutic protein?

It was the first therapeutic protein genetically modified from bacteria

How are microbes typically utilized in practical microbiology for identifying unknown species?

By analyzing their growth patterns and metabolic characteristics

How can microbial spoilage impact pharmaceutical products?

By increasing risks to patients due to safety and quality concerns

What is a key characteristic of practical microbiology for identifying unknown microbes?

Having the option to use non-selective or specialist media

In enzyme biotechnology, what role do alkaline proteases play?

Aiding in the breakdown of proteins in laundry detergents

How does recombinant technology impact the production of medicinal products like Gardasil?

It enables the creation of viral proteins within bacterial hosts

What is a common misconception about enzyme biotechnology?

Enzymes in enzyme biotechnology are not protein molecules.

Which statement about recombinant medicinal products is FALSE?

Recombinant medicinal products are not produced using genetic engineering techniques.

In practical microbiology, what is a common misconception regarding the identification of unknown species?

Unknown species can be easily identified using a single type of media.

Which statement about microbial spoilage is a common misconception?

Microbial spoilage does not impact pharmaceutical products.

what are the size of microbes?


fungi can form what type of cellular structure?


viruses have what kind of structures?


which one of these have the smallest unit?

Viruses 100nm

All microbes are harmless?


what's the most common bacterial infections?

Staphylococcus aureus

what's the unfriendly type of bacteria?


what's the friendly type of bacteria?


color code the colours with their application in biotechnology

green = agriculture white = industrial yellow = food technology blue = aquatic

which application does the colour red stand for in biotechnology?

medical and pharmaceutical

which application does the colour black stand for in biotechnology?


match the microorganism with its product

Saccharomyces cerevisiae = bread, beer,wine Lactobacillus spp. = yoghurt, bread aspergillus niger = citric acid streptomycin griseus = streptomycin

what are the natural products of microbial origin?

all of the above

what are the two methods that can help us grow bacteria in a lab?

nutrient rich and non-selective

which of these organisms are not routinely studied in micro?


what colour is associated with the application of biotechnology for aquatic purposes?


Which of the following statements are true

  1. The number of microbes within a healthy human gut outnumbers the total number of human cells in the body

  2. The study of microorganisms is confined to individual species

  3. If antibiotic resistance is not properly tackled then by 2050 the total number of deaths per year could outweigh cancer and diabetes combined


Choose the correct size order (largest to smallest) from the following list

chicken egg, red blood cells, bacteria, virus, carbon atom

Which of the following statements are true?

  1. Some microorganisms naturally produce compounds which have medical applications

  2. The study of microorganisms has allowed mathematical models of disease spread to be created

  3. The discovery of antibiotics during the 1960s revolutionised medicine

1 & 2

Which microorganism is responsible for producing the antibiotic Streptomycin

streptomyces griseus

What colour is associated with the application of biotechnology for food technology


Which of the following would be an example of molecular microbiology?

measuring the rate of bacterial gene expression

Approximately what size is a virus?

100 nm

Which of the following techniques would be most appropriate for visualising the detailed features of a bacterial cell wall

transmission electron microscopy

Explore the role of microorganisms in biotechnology, including their production of enzymes used in laundry detergent and natural medicinal products such as antimicrobials. Learn about the uses of alkaline proteases and other microbial-derived substances.

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