Micronutrients True or False Quiz

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Which vitamins supply energy to the body?

Which vitamins are fat soluble?

Which vitamins or minerals are antioxidants?

One vitamin is found in an animal's food source, which one is it?

A deficiency in vitamin D during childhood leads to what condition?

Which of the following minerals is categorized based on the amount needed per day?

Which factor can reduce or damage vitamins in food?

Which hormone is considered to be a regulator of blood calcium levels?

Which vitamin serves as a coenzyme in metabolic reactions?

At what age do most people reach their peak bone mass?


Test your knowledge of micronutrients with this True or False quiz. Find out if vitamins supply energy to the body and which ones are fat soluble. Learn about the role of B vitamins as coenzymes and the categorization of minerals based on daily needs. Identify antioxidants among vitamins and minerals.

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