Microclimate on a Hill: Altitude and Aspect

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What does temperature measure?

Average kinetic energy

In relation to temperature, how do organisms regulate body temperature?

By adjusting kinetic energy of molecules

Why is temperature important in ecology?

It affects the distribution of species

Which of the following is NOT a mechanism used by organisms to regulate body temperature?

Changing gravitational pull

How do organisms use molecules in a substance to regulate body temperature?

By controlling the movement and interactions of molecules

What ecological factor is influenced by temperature?

Rates of chemical reactions

Which feature is influenced by aspect in creating microclimates?

Ground color

Why is aspect important in creating microclimates?

To impact the color of the ground

Which environmental factor is NOT influenced by landscape features?


How does aspect contribute to the creation of microclimates?

By altering the color of the ground

What happens to the atmospheric pressure as altitude increases?

It decreases

How do higher altitudes affect temperature?

Temperature decreases

Why do some aspects on a hill slope remain shaded?

Due to elevation

What happens to air with elevation on a hill?

Air expands

How does the aspect of a hill slope influence sunlight exposure?

Some aspects are shaded while others are exposed to direct sunlight

How do plants impact microclimates?

By creating shade

In what way can ground color affect temperatures when vegetation is sparse?

Dark colors absorb more light

What happens to temperatures when the landscape is shaded by vegetation?

Temperatures decrease

Why do dark colors heat up faster than light colors when vegetation is sparse?

Dark colors absorb more light

What effect does sparse vegetation have on heat retention in an area with dark ground color?

Increases heat retention

How does sunlight impact vegetation?

Promotes growth and photosynthesis

What effect does sunlight have on evaporation rates?

Increases evaporation rates

How does sunlight contribute to the diversity of organisms?

Creates ideal conditions for various species to thrive

Which of the following is NOT an impact of sunlight?

Decreasing natural resources

How does sunlight affect the process of photosynthesis?

Facilitates the conversion of carbon dioxide and water into glucose

Explore how altitude and aspect affect the microclimate on a hill. Learn about the relationship between elevation, temperature, atmospheric pressure, air expansion, and the impact of shaded and exposed aspects.

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