Microbiology: Bacterial Fermentation and Energy Utilization Quiz

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What is the end product of butanediol fermentation?


What is the main purpose of energy utilization in bacterial cells?

For biosynthesis of new cell components

Which type of microorganisms utilize inorganic compounds like carbon dioxide as their sole carbon source?


What differentiates autotrophs from heterotrophs in terms of carbon source?

Autotrophs use carbon dioxide as their carbon source

What is the main biological process associated with bacterial growth?

Increase in the number of cells

What is the end product of butyric acid fermentation?

Butyric acid

Which type of microorganisms derive energy from light and utilize organic substances as their carbon source?


Test your knowledge on bacterial fermentation processes like butanediol and butyric acid fermentation, as well as the energy utilization in bacteria for various cellular functions. This quiz covers topics related to microbial metabolism and growth.

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