Metal Hardness and Hardenability Quiz

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What does hardness in metals refer to?

Resistance to penetration by other materials

How is hardness in metals increased?

By bending or hammering at room temperature

What property does brittleness in metals refer to?

How easily the metal will break with little or no bending

What does tempering do to metals?

Increases toughness and reduces hardness

What does fusibility refer to in metals?

Ability to easily join with another liquid metal

Which of the following is true about metals high in fusibility?

They are usually high in weldability

What characteristic does fatigue represent in metals?

Causes the metal to fracture under repeated load below tensile strength

What does elasticity refer to in materials?

Ability to return to original size and shape after external force is removed

Test your knowledge on the concepts of hardness and hardenability of metals. Learn how hardness can be altered through various methods and understand the importance of hardenability for uniform hardening. Explore examples like steel, lead, and aluminum.

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