Metal Bearing and Turbo-charger Surging Quiz

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What is the purpose of keeping the air supply to the air spring open after finishing work on exhaust valves?

Prevent carbon deposit from falling between the seat and valve

What is the main cause of turbo-charger surging?

Sudden increase and decrease of turbo-charger rpm due to pitching

Where does the cylinder lubricator supply oil in the engine?

Cylinder liner

When is grit dry cleaning of the M.E. turbo-charger turbine side typically performed?

Running at full ahead

In a two-stroke engine, when the piston is at bottom dead center and moving upwards until TDC, what cycle is achieved?

Intake (partially an exhaust) and compression stroke

Which part of the engine is primarily responsible for cooling the combustion chamber?

Cylinder head

What is the purpose of stopping the engine when not in use?

To prevent built-up of moisture in scavenging air

Why does increasing scavenging air box temperature above dew point important?

To keep scavenging air temperature in the 45 to 50 deg C range

In a two-stroke engine without an exhaust valve, what are the lowest holes in the cylinder liner called?

Cylinder lubricating holes

How is a turbocharger usually powered in an engine?

By engine exhaust gas

What is usually found in large bored engines?

Piston rod and crosshead

When receiving 500 metric tons of HFO with a specific gravity (SG) at 55 deg C, how many cubic meters should be received based on a specified SG at 15 deg C?

520.18 cub-mtr

What is the purpose of the emergency air compressor onboard?

To start auxiliary engines

What type of bearing is commonly used for the main engine main journal and big-end bearing due to its ability to support high weight/load without much wear?

Plain-white metal bearings

When water washing the M.E. turbo-charger turbine side, at what reduced engine speed should you operate at?

1500 rpm

What part of the diesel generator is impacted when adjusting the injection timing of the fuel injection pump?

Pressure maximum

What is the observed specific gravity of fuel if the specific gravity at 15°C is 0.8891 and the observed temperature is 40°C?


What is the steel structural element in a slow-speed two-stroke engine that carries the crosshead guides and supports the engine block?


Test your knowledge on topics related to metal bearings and turbo-charger surging. Questions cover subjects such as preventing carbon deposits in engines and identifying the main cause of turbo-charger surging.

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