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Which term refers to the process of thinking about one's own thinking and learning?


What is one study strategy mentioned in the text?

Talking to a study buddy

Which of the following is NOT a self-regulation ability?

Taking notes

What is one recommended way to space out studying?

Studying for short periods with breaks

What does self-regulated learning refer to?

Understanding and controlling one's learning environment

Metacognition is the process of thinking about one's own thinking and learning.


Metacognitive thinking and strategies help students become flexible, creative, and self-directed learners.


Self-regulated learning refers to one's ability to understand and control one's learning environment.


One study strategy mentioned in the text is to skip class.


Self-regulation abilities include goal setting, self-monitoring, self-instruction, and self-reinforcement.


Test your knowledge on metacognition and how it enhances learning. Explore the concept of "thinking about thinking" and discover how metacognitive strategies can help you become a more effective and independent learner.

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