Memory Processes and Short-Term Memory Quiz

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What is the main difference between short-term memory and long-term memory?

Short-term memory has a small capacity and short duration, while long-term memory has a large capacity and is relatively permanent.

Which type of memory involves unconscious memories that we use without realizing it?

Implicit memory

What is the process of accessing stored information known as?


Which type of memory involves conscious memories that include our perception of the world and personal experiences?

Explicit memory

How is recognition different from recall in the context of accessing stored information?

Recognition involves comparing information with memory, while recall requires direct uncovering of information from memory.

Which phase of memory is what most people commonly think of as their memory?

Long-term Memory

What is the primary reason for forgetting mentioned in the text?


What is the 2-step process required for full recall according to the text?

Search and retrieval, choosing correct information

Which factor may cause forgetting if new material is similar to past learning?


Why does simply recognizing someone's name require only one process according to the text?

It involves a simple familiarity decision

What happens if the right cue is missing when trying to recall stored information?

The information becomes inaccessible

Which attitude towards memory is likely to result in forgetting according to the text?

"I have a lousy memory"

Test your knowledge on memory processes and short-term memory with this quiz. Learn about the storing process, short-term memory capacity, duration, and more.

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