Memory: Meaning and Processes

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What is the process of initially recording information in a form usable to memory called?


Which step involves the persistence of information in memory?


What does retrieval involve in the context of memory processes?

Bringing material into awareness

What is the term for the retention of information over time, and the way in which we record the past for later use in the present?

Memory storage

Where does the encoded experience leave some record in order to be remembered?

Nervous system

Which term refers to the point at which one tries to remember a particular memory trace from among all others stored?


What is the first information storage area according to Atkinson and Shiffrin's memory structure?

Sensory Memory

Which stage of memory holds the contents of our attention and is important in tasks such as thinking, reading, speaking, and problem-solving?

Short-term Memory

How long does iconic memory (visual images) remain in the visual system according to Atkinson and Shiffrin?

Up to 1 second

What distinguishes short-term memory (STM) according to Sr. Morketu T.?

It maintains the information in sequential manner for a temporary period of time

What technique helps in overcoming the limited capacity problem of short-term memory (STM)?

Chunking information into larger units

Which memory system is used for the relatively permanent storage of meaningful information?

Long-term Memory (LTM)

What type of memory enables conscious recollection of specific facts or events that can be verbally communicated?

Declarative/ Explicit Memory

What is the capacity of Long-term Memory according to Sr. Morketu T.?

LTM has no practical limits on its capacity

What are the two subdivisions of Declarative/ Explicit Memory?

Episodic and Semantic Memory

Test your knowledge on the meaning of memory and the processes involved in retaining and recalling information. Explore the nature of memory and understand the processes that form the bridges between past and present.

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