Membrane Potential and Equilibrium

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What is the term used to describe the voltage gradient at which equilibrium is reached for an ion?

Equilibrium voltage

How does a membrane potential arise?

Due to the movement of ions across the membrane

Which ion moves faster across the membrane in the given scenario?


What causes diffusion to begin across the membrane?

Concentration gradient

Why does an electric potential emerge across the membrane according to the text?

By a tiny fraction of ions that are not balanced

What is the significance of having a difference in electrical charges on both sides of a membrane?

Leads to the emergence of a membrane potential

What term is used to describe the feature of the action potential where it reacts with exactly the same standard height?

All-or-none law

Which type of ion channels are responsible for generating an action potential in excitable membranes?

Voltage-gated ion channels

What is the typical peak membrane potential during an action potential?

+40 to +50 mV

What is the purpose of inactivation of voltage-activated Na+ channels during an action potential?

To keep the action potential firing in one direction

What happens when delayed K+ rectifiers open during an action potential?

K+ moves out and the membrane repolarizes

How is the resting membrane potential near -70 mV maintained at rest?

By K+ leak channels

What is the typical resting potential of animal cells?

-70 mV

Which of the following ions play special roles in the electrical phenomena occurring in neurons?

Sodium (Na+), potassium (K+), and chlorine (Cl-)

What is the mechanism commonly called that maintains the difference in ion concentrations inside and outside the membrane?

Sodium-potassium pump

What type of channels allow the passage of mostly inorganic ions through small hydrophilic pores?

Leak channels

What defines the resting membrane potential as per the text?

The equilibrium condition with no net ion flow across the membrane

In excitable cells like nerve and muscle, which channels are expressed to produce action potentials?

Voltage-gated channels

Learn about membrane potential and equilibrium potentials for ions. Understand how differences in electrical charge across a cell membrane are created. Explore the concept of equilibrium potential for ions like sodium and potassium.

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