Membrane Lipids: Glycolipids Quiz

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What is the principal sialic acid found in human tissues?

Neuraminic acid

Which glycolipid is present in high amounts in myelin?


What type of molecules does ganglioside contain in addition to glucosylceramide?

Sialic acid

Which sterol is the most common in the membranes of an animal cell?


Where does the majority of cholesterol reside within the cell?

Plasma membrane

How does cholesterol modify the fluidity of membranes?

By acting as a buffer

What is the main function of membranes in a cell?

To localize enzymes

Where are choline-containing phospholipids mainly located in the cell membrane?

Outer leaflet

What is the consequence of inhibiting Na+-K+ ATPase by digoxins or digitals?

Decrease in water balance

What do specific deficiencies or alterations of membrane components lead to?

Variety of diseases

How are membranes described in terms of their structure and surfaces?


What term describes membranes as having both hydrophobic and hydrophilic compartments?


Which membrane structure has the highest protein content due to the presence of the electron transport chain and carrier proteins?

Mitochondrial inner membrane

What are lipid rafts enriched in, making them specialized areas in the plasma membrane?

Cholesterol, sphingolipids, and certain proteins

Which specialized plasma membrane structure is involved in signal transduction and interact with the actin cytoskeleton?

Lipid Rafts

What is the function of caveolae in the plasma membrane?

They may derive from lipid rafts

Which membrane structure is known for being an electrical insulator on many nerve fibers?


What makes the mitochondrial inner membrane the most selectively permeable membrane known?

Presence of carrier proteins

Which type of molecules are triacylglycerols (TAGs) and cholesterol-esters?


Why are pure hydrophobic molecules like TAGs and cholesterol-esters not present in membranes?

Their hydrophobic nature prevents interactions with the membrane components

What kind of structure forms a fluid mosaic model in cell membranes?


What property makes the lipid bilayer impermeable to most water-soluble molecules?

Hydrophobic core

Which gases readily diffuse through the hydrophobic regions of the membrane?

Oxygen and carbon dioxide

Which type of molecules are most likely to have a high permeability coefficient in a lipid bilayer?

Small nonpolar molecules

What is the effect of the Na+-K+-ATPase pump on the cell interior?

Causes an electrogenic effect, making the cell interior more negative

Which statement about Na+-K+-ATPase inhibitors ouabain and digitalis is true?

They inhibit the Na+-K+-ATPase pump

How does glucose enter the cell in the Na+-glucose symport?

Glucose is dragged into the cell along with Na+

What happens to glucose transport when the extracellular Na+ concentration is low?

It stops as Na+ is needed to 'drag' glucose into the cell

What role does the Na+-K+-ATPase pump play in relation to secondary active transporters?

It can be coupled to them to support their transport functions

Test your knowledge on glycolipids with a focus on glycosphingolipids, sulfatides, and gangliosides. Learn about the structure, components, and functions of these important lipids found in cell membranes.

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