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What is the primary characteristic of mass casualty incidents?

They overwhelm local resources

Which of the following is an example of a mass casualty incident?

Building collapse

What is the role of first responders in mass casualty incidents?

Secure the area for law enforcement investigations

What is the main responsibility of CERT volunteers in mass casualty incidents?

Supporting local resources in responding to the incident

What action should be taken by first responders to manage survivors with minor injuries in a mass casualty incident?

Send them to a holding area to await treatment

What is the purpose of conducting a scene size-up and set-up in a mass casualty incident?

To identify deceased victims and severely injured survivors

What does managing medical transportation for survivors involve in mass casualty incidents?

Coordinating transportation to medical facilities

What is the role of CERT volunteers in securing the area during mass casualty incidents?

Helping protect first responders, survivors, and evidence

During triage, victims are evaluated and sorted by the urgency of the treatment needed based on:

The severity of their injuries

What does the 'Immediate' (I) category represent in triage?

Victims who have life-threatening injuries requiring immediate attention

In a disaster environment, what is the first step in the triage process?

Stop, look, listen, and think about the safety, capability, and limitations

What action should be taken if a victim does not respond to a simple command during the triage process?

Treat for shock and tag them as 'Immediate' (I)

What is the purpose of documenting triage results during a disaster?

To provide information on the victims’ location and number of casualties by degree of severity

What is a common pitfall to avoid during triage in a disaster environment?

Indecisive leadership

What is the significance of conducting voice triage in a disaster environment?

To locate ambulatory survivors and obtain useful information about victim locations

Why is CPR not performed when there are many more victims than rescuers?

Because it is labor-intensive and requires one-on-one care

What does the 'Delayed' (D) category represent in triage?

Victims who can be treated later

What is the first task of a CERT volunteer when dispatched to the scene or located nearby?

Assess the situation and determine whether life-saving interventions can be provided

What is the main purpose of disaster medical operations triage/assessment?

Initial assessment and sorting of survivors for treatment based on the severity of their injuries

What are the three main methods for controlling bleeding?

Direct pressure, elevation, pressure points

What is the most common airway obstruction in emergency medicine?


Why should victims suffering from shock NOT eat or drink anything?

It may worsen their condition

What is the main priority of medical operations when attending to potential 'killers' in emergency medicine?

Opening the airway, controlling excessive bleeding, treating for shock

What are the signs of shock that CERT members should look for?

Rapid and shallow breathing, pale skin, and sweating

Test your knowledge about how CERT volunteers can support local resources in responding to mass casualty incidents, such as train derailments, multi-car accidents, building collapses, natural disasters, and terrorist attacks.

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