Media and Information Technology Impact on Society

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Which type of media includes TV and radio shows?

Broadcast media

What type of cohesion involves the use of pronouns, ellipsis, and conjunctions?

Grammatical cohesion

What should we consider according to the netiquette mentioned in the text?

Be responsible with media usage

Which element of cohesive elements in media texts focuses on the consistent use of fonts, colors, and layout designs?

Visual cohesion

What does 'PAS' stand for in the context of media and information?

People as Media

Which type of publication can be physically touched?

Print media

Which term refers to practitioners who provide information based on their expert knowledge or first-hand experience of events?

Broadcast Journalist

What is one reason mentioned in the text for why we need people for media and information?

Engagement and Interaction

What can media do, having both positive and negative sides?

Both help and destroy society

What is one expected outcome after the lesson on media and information, as mentioned in the text?

Realizing opportunities and challenges in media and information

Explore the significant impact of media and information technology in society. Learn about the opportunities, challenges, and examples of how media and information can bring about change. Understand the role of people in media and information production and dissemination.

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