Maximal Onset Principle in English Syllables

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The ______ of a syllable is usually a vowel.


Syllables can be manipulated in language games, as well as units within the syllable itself, such as rhyme, alliteration, and ______.


In connected speech, sounds may vary depending on the regional accent of the speaker, as well as factors like age, gender, and socio-economic ______.


The Asante dialect is spoken in the southern part of ______.


A syllable is defined as a unit containing an obligatory ______ part, which is a sonorant.


Sounds can vary based on their position within the ______.


The __________-rhyme model separates a syllable into onset, nucleus, coda, and rhyme.


A minimal word in English is a single stressed syllable with at least two timing positions dominated by the __________.


Syllables with two timing positions in the rhyme are known as __________ syllables.


The monophthongs /ɪ ɛ æ ʌ ɒ ʊ ə/ count as __________; they are linked to just one timing position.


The form like /lɛ / is not a possible word as it does not have the minimum number of timing positions in the __________.


Syllables with one timing position in the rhyme are known as __________ syllables.


The privileged status of onsets is reflected by the Maximal Onset Principle: All things being equal, syllables prefer to have __________.


All things being equal, consonants prefer to be in __________.


Empty onsets: We assume that syllables always have an onset position, even in the absence of an onset consonant. Syllable structure is not always directly reflected in the phonetics, because some syllabic positions may remain ________.


An empty onset position can be optionally filled by a glottal stop – a phenomenon called ________ attack.


Hard attack can be used to emphasize an important word. But very often, it’s used not to emphasize a word but to separate words in connected ________.


It has been suggested that speakers are counting sonority ________. The idea is that sounds differ in their sonority, with the most sonorous sounds being the most vowellike.


Explore the concept of the Maximal Onset Principle, which suggests that onsets are more basic than codas in English syllables. Learn how intervocalic consonants or consonant clusters are assigned to the onset of the second syllable. Understand the privileged status of onsets and how the principle influences syllable structures.

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