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What characteristic of bureaucracy ensures compliance and discipline?

Hierarchy of Authority

Which aspect of bureaucracy focuses on promoting loyal employees based on seniority and achievement?

Career Orientation

What dysfunction is associated with the characteristic of Impersonal Orientation in bureaucracy?

Lack of morale

Which feature of bureaucracy may lead to conflict between achievement and seniority?

Career Orientation

What aspect of bureaucracy aims to ensure uniformity of employee behavior?

Rules and Regulations

What criticism is often directed at Weber's bureaucratic model due to its focus on dispassionate decisions?

Neglecting the informal organization

According to Max Weber's Theory of Bureaucracy, what is the basis of authority?

Legal-rational authority

What is a key feature of the hierarchy in Weber's Theory of Bureaucracy?

Hierarchy based on authority

How does Weber describe the division of labor in a bureaucratic structure?

Based on functional specialization

What is the recommended qualification for employees in a bureaucratic organization according to Weber?

Master's degree

In Weber's Theory of Bureaucracy, what is the basis for consistency?

Fixed rules and regulations

What did Max Weber emphasize as crucial for every employee in a bureaucratic structure?

Well-defined power and authority based on specialization and expertise

What is the recommended approach towards rules that support positive outcomes?

Develop them

What is a key aspect of the 'Shadow Organization' within a formal organization?

Informal communication (the grapevine)

In the context of bureaucratic administration, what creates the conflict of dual bureaucracy in Weber's model?

Rules and discipline

What do rules in an organization set when they are bad precedents?

Change the rules

Based on the text, what do bureaucracies promote at the expense of female values according to the Feminist Critique?


Which of the following is NOT a characteristic of the 'Shadow Organization' within a formal organization?

Division into cliques

Test your knowledge on Max Weber, a German lawyer, politician, and sociologist, known for his theory of bureaucracy. Explore his life sketch, theory of legal-rational authority, and the basic features of his bureaucratic model.

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