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What is the name of the band?

Where did Maths Class first gain publicity?

In which year did Maths Class release their first single, double A-sided "Emporio Laser"/"Cushion Glamour"?

Which magazine chose Maths Class to play both nights at their launch event in Barcelona?

Where was the five-track EP 'Now This Will Take Two Hands' released?

Which festival did Maths Class play after The Great Escape Festival?

What was the name of the promo single recorded in February 2009?

According to Artrocker, how did they describe the band's live performance?

According to BBC, how did they describe the band's sound?

Who played bass guitar in the band?

When was their radio session for Marc Riley on BBC 6 music recorded?

When was it announced on Myspace that the band had split?

What is the definition of probability?

How is the chance of an event occurring expressed?

What represents the probability of an event E?

Which statement best describes an outcome in probability?

What does a probability of 1/2 represent for the occurrence of an event?

How is the probability of getting a head when a coin is tossed represented?

What is the probability of getting a red ball when picking from a basket containing 5 red and 7 blue balls?

What is the probability of selling a red ball on the next day if the shopkeeper sold 15 balls, out of which 6 were red?

What type of event has only one outcome of the experiment?

What is the probability of getting a number less than 7 when throwing a die?

What is the probability of picking up a red ball from a basket that contains 8 red and 4 blue balls?

What probability range can an event's probability span?

An event that has no chance of occurring is called:

What type of probability can be applied to any event associated with an experiment that is repeated a large number of times?

"Heads" or "Tails" as outcomes represent which type of event?

"P(Heads) + P(Tails ) = 1" represents the concept of:


Explore the history of the British band Maths Class, from their formation in Brighton, England, to their tours around the UK, Europe, and Japan. Learn about their influences and rise to publicity through Myspace.

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