British Band Origins and Influences

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How did Maths Class first gain publicity?

By supporting Shitdisco at a house party

Which magazine chose Maths Class to play at their Vice Spain launch event in Barcelona?

VICE Magazine

When was the 'Now This Will Take Two Hands' EP released?

July 2008

What radio station aired Maths Class' double A-sided single?

Radio 1

With whom did Maths Class complete a tour in August 2008?

Stephen Malkmus

Study Notes

Maths Class Publicity

  • Maths Class first gained publicity through an unknown event or circumstance.

Early Performances

  • Maths Class was chosen to play at the Vice Spain launch event in Barcelona, which was held in a magazine.


  • The 'Now This Will Take Two Hands' EP was released at an unspecified date.

Radio Airplay

  • Maths Class' double A-sided single was aired on an unknown radio station.


  • Maths Class completed a tour with The Experimental Tropic Blues Band in August 2008.

Learn about the origins and influences of the British band Maths Class, from their formation in Brighton, England, to their tours in Europe and Japan. Discover how they gained publicity through Myspace and their unique approach to reaching out to established bands.

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