Materials Testing and Quality Control Program

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What is the purpose of materials testing according to the text?

To ensure the physical, chemical, and mechanical properties of materials meet standards

What does the Quality Control Program (QCP) involve?

Conducting random checks on materials during incorporation into a work

When should material testing be conducted according to the text?

Prior to incorporation into the work

What do minimum testing requirements specify?

The type and number of tests for each pay item of works

What type of test is T193-92 used for?

CBR Test

What is the frequency of Atterberg Limit (LL, PL, PI) test for Item 102 Excavation & 104 Embankment?

For every 1,500 cu.m.

What is the minimum requirement for submission of samples for the Fractured face BS 8-12 Crushed test?

For every 1,500 cu.m.

How often should the Spot weakness Proof Rolling Test be conducted for the Subgrade?

For every 1,500 cu.m.

Test your knowledge about materials testing, including the determination of physical, chemical, and mechanical properties, as well as quality control programs for construction projects.

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