Master the Art of Sales Negotiation with the Hospital Play Role-Play Quiz

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What is the goal of the hospital play?

To test salespeople's ability to set a meeting and sell a pen

What is the role of Dan in the hospital play?


What is the first thing Jacko says when Dan calls him in the hospital play?

Ring ring, this is Jacko.

What is the reason for Jacko's first hospital visit in the hospital play?

To pick up his wife

What is the initial response of Dan when Jacko tells him he's on his way to the hospital in the first scenario?

Can I call you back later?

Why does Jacko agree to set up a meeting with Dan in the second scenario?

Because Dan actively listened and responded to his situation

What is the reason for Dan's call in the second scenario?

To sync calendars and see if it could be a good fit

What is the main skill being tested in the hospital play?

Active listening and responding

What is the consequence of not actively listening in the hospital play?

Jacko will not take the meeting

What is the purpose of the hospital play in the context of sales?

To test the skills of salespeople during outbound calling

What is the outcome of the second scenario in the hospital play?

Dan successfully sets up a meeting with Jacko

What is the importance of active listening in sales?

It helps build rapport with customers and understand their needs

Test Your Sales Skills with the Hospital Play Role-Play Quiz! Join Jacko and Dan as they demonstrate the art of sales negotiation through a role-play scenario. Sharpen your sales pitch and learn valuable tips to secure a meeting and close a deal. This quiz is perfect for salespeople looking to improve their skills and gain an edge in the competitive world of sales. Don't miss out on this opportunity to enhance your sales techniques and boost your success!

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