Mass Communication Theories: Types of Media

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What type of communication involves communication with oneself using internal vocalization or reflective thinking?

Intrapersonal Communication

Which type of communication is characterized by being transmitted to many people through print or electronic media?

Mass Communication

What is the defining characteristic of mass communication according to the text?

Directed to a large, unknown audience

In the context of media theories, what do theories attempt to explain?

How media shapes perceptions of the world

Which characteristic describes the digital media environment as mentioned in the text?

Tailored for specific audience

What type of communication involves dialogue between a small group of individuals typically in a face-to-face setting?

Interpersonal Communication

What does a theory provide in understanding the natural world?

A well-substantiated explanation

Which type of communication involves communicators operating within a complex organization as per the text?

Organizational Communication

What shift has digital media made according to the text?

From one-way to interactive communication

Non-verbal communication is solely dependent on verbal communication to convey messages effectively.


Intra-personal communication involves communication between individuals within a small group setting.


Mass communication refers to the exchange of meanings between individuals through a common system of symbols.


Digital media encompasses traditional forms of media like newspapers and radio.


Inter-personal communication involves dialogue between two or more persons in a face-to-face setting.


Verbal communication can go without non-verbal communication.


Traditional media includes social media platforms like Facebook and Twitter.


Mass communication involves transmitting messages to a large audience through various media channels.


Intra-personal communication involves communicating with oneself through internal vocalization or reflective thinking.


Digital media has made no significant impact on the landscape of mass communication.


Explore the different types of traditional and digital media used in mass communication studies. Learn about print media, broadcast media, outdoor and transit media, as well as digital media such as social media and video platforms.

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