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How does Marxism explain the relationship between social classes and crime?

What role does capitalism play in creating conditions for crime according to the Marxist perspective?

How do Marxists criticize the criminal justice system in relation to class-based crimes?

Explain the role of the media and education in the Marxist view of crime.

What is the role of the ruling class, Bourgeoisie, according to the Marxist theory of crime?

How does capitalism contribute to the creation of conditions for crime according to Marxism?

Why do Marxists argue that the unequal power balance in society leads to crime?

What is the main criticism of Marxism in explaining violent and sexual crimes?

How does ideological control through media and education contribute to the Marxist view of crime?

What is the purpose of using police for social control in the Marxist perspective?

Why do Marxists argue that laws are created in the interest of the ruling class?

What strengths does the Marxist view of crime have in explaining crime in society?


  • Marxism is a structural theory of crime that focuses on conflict between social classes: Bourgeoisie and proletariat.
  • The ruling class, Bourgeoisie, controls most social institutions including government and police to maintain power and resources.
  • Marxists argue that the unequal power balance in society leads to crime, as the ruling class uses the criminal justice system to protect their property and criminalize working-class activities.
  • Capitalism, the dominant economic system, allows the ruling class to exploit workers and creates conditions for crime through wage exploitation and desire for goods.
  • Laws are created in the interest of the ruling class, leading to unequal enforcement and targeting of working-class crimes.
  • The ideological control of the population through the media and education instills norms and values that create scapegoats and vilify certain groups.
  • Police are used for social control to ensure compliance with ruling class values and norms.
  • Marxist view of crime has strengths in explaining how inequality leads to crime and the overrepresentation of working-class crime.
  • Criticisms include the assumption that individuals are unaware of their exploitation and the failure to explain violent and sexual crimes with financial motives.


Test your knowledge on the Marxist theory of crime, which examines how social class conflict and unequal power dynamics in society contribute to criminal behavior. Explore the concepts of ruling class control, capitalism, unequal enforcement of laws, and ideological manipulation through media and education.

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