Marxist Theory of Class Struggle and Socialist Revolution
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Marxist Theory of Class Struggle and Socialist Revolution

Test your understanding of the Marxist concept of class struggle and the role of the proletariat in the capitalist society. Learn how the exploitation of the working class leads to the formation of a socialist society. Explore the key principles of Marxist theory and its application in social change.

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What is the ultimate outcome of the class struggle between the proletariat and the capitalists?

The establishment of a socialist society

What is the primary reason for the proletariat's exploitation in a capitalist society?

Excessive production and profit motive of the capitalists

What is the primary function of the state in a Marxist view?

To serve the interests of the owning class

What happens to the state when class divisions end in a socialist society?

<p>It withers away and loses its role</p> Signup and view all the answers

What is the basis of the proletariat's unity in the class struggle?

<p>Economic, political, and ideological similarities</p> Signup and view all the answers

Study Notes

Exploitation in Capitalist Society

  • Capitalists' excessive production and profit motive lead to severe exploitation of the proletariat.

Proletariat's Response

  • Proletariat unites as a class based on economic, political, and ideological similarities.
  • They wage a class struggle against the capitalists.

Outcome of Class Struggle

  • The proletariat eventually wins and establishes a socialist society.
  • This society is free of classes and class divisions.

Role of the State

  • The state was created by the bourgeoisie to protect their interests and oppress the proletariat.
  • Mechanisms used to oppress the proletariat include the police, military, and bureaucracy.
  • The state serves the interests of the owning class and is a tool for oppression and domination.

Stateless Socialist Society

  • In a socialist society, class divisions cease to exist.
  • As a result, the state has no role to play and will eventually "wither away".

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