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What do retailers do in the channel intermediary process?

Sell directly to consumers

In the context of intermediaries, what do agents and brokers typically not do?

Take title to products

Which type of intermediary provides service and technical advice on selection and use of products?


What distinguishes merchant wholesalers from agents and brokers?

Take title to products

Which channel structure involves both direct and indirect routes to consumers?

Multiple (Dual) Channels

What is an example of a nontraditional channel mentioned in the text?


What is the main difference between intensive distribution and exclusive distribution?

The number of intermediaries used

Which type of distribution involves selling through fewer outlets than intensive but more than exclusive?

Selective distribution

What does the effort expended on selecting channel members depend on?

The intensity of distribution used

In which type of distribution does a producer aim to find one intermediary per market area?

Exclusive distribution

What is a characteristic of a producer using selective distribution?

Uses fewer outlets than intensive distribution

How does the selection of channel members differ between intensive and exclusive distribution?

Intensive is more careful in selecting intermediaries

What is the main focus of 'Place' in marketing?

Ensuring goods are available in the right quantities and locations

Which term refers to firms or individuals who help move a product from the producer to the consumer?

Channel Members

What does Logistics primarily deal with?

Physical movement of products

Which term describes the connected chain of all business entities that perform or support the logistics function?

Supply Chain

What is a key function of intermediaries in distribution channels according to the text?

Bulk Breaking and Creating Assortments

Which function involves physically distributing, storing, and sorting products?

Logistical Functions

Test your knowledge on marketing channels, supply chain management, and the role of intermediaries in the distribution of products. Learn about the flow of goods from producers to consumers and the importance of having products available in the right quantities and locations.

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